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16 Tweets That Totally Capture Your Friendship Group

"Status: live-tweeting my date in a group chat" –That one friend who brings TMI to your friendship.

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1. When no one appreciates your wit:

When you talk on the group chat and no one replies

2. That friend who always goes the extra mile for you:

When you have a crush and your friend helps you stalk

3. That one friend who is basically Confucius:

Me trying to be a supportive friend during a bad break up

4. When you wake up after your group has:

I'm not even going to bother reading this

5. When you and your friend are basically the same person:

actual photo of me and my best friend

6. And when you're really not:

when you have to go see a band you hate because your friend likes them

7. When you talk about your crush too much:

All my friends hate me except Alex ty

8. When you hate yoga but go to support a friend:

That friend that doesnt fit in but you love em anyway 😘

9. When you reach peak friendship:

A true friendship is when you walk into their house and the wifi connects automatically.

10. When you're probably a bit too involved in each other's lives:

status: live-tweeting my date in a group chat

11. That one friend who always wants to hang:

That one friend who still wants to party in winter

12. That one friend who always kills it on the dance floor:

When that one friend turn up to much at a party

13. When a friend tags an awful photo of you:

Do I add josh back into the group chat? #poll

14. When they are a bit too helpful:

my friends are so concerned about my dating life that they secretly created an online dating profile for me. "i've" messaged 20 ppl.

15. That one friend who's already too old for life:

We all have that one friend that goes to sleep at the party.

16. When you know you'll be friends for life (even if they are really annoying):

when your friends are roasting you and you're mad but you also know they roast you because they love you

This is what your friends bring to your friendship. What do you bring? Tweet us at Smirnoff Electric with #WhatWeBring.

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