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13 Things You Didn't Know You Needed For Game Day

Game Day's always fun, but these items will make it even better. Cheers to a great game from Smirnoff Ice.

1. This ring that's also a bottle opener:

2. These football-shaped, light-up ice cubes:

3. These football-themed nail details:

4. This sign, so your friends know what they're in for:

5. This sign, so your significant other knows what they're in for:

6. This referee bottle cover, to help you avoid party fouls:

7. This necklace that will let everyone know who you're rooting for:

8. These hair bows.

9. This trophy, to be awarded to the loudest armchair quarterback:

10. This table cover, so that you can have that "eating on a football field" feeling every day:

11. This dish, which you can use to prepare your own kickasserole:

12. This quilt to keep you warm during winter home games:

13. These cupcake toppers, so you'll have one more excuse to eat cupcakes:

Kick your Game Day experience up a notch with Smirnoff Ice. The Bellini Sangria is a surefire game-day favorite.