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11 Things You Absolutely Need At Your BBQ This Summer

Nothing goes better with summer than BBQ, so making it perfect = a very big deal.

1. Spiked popsicles made by filling plastic molds with large-batch cocktails:

2. An extra-long plastic sheet and a hose for a homemade slip-and-slide:

3. An egg carton full of charcoal briquettes for easy lighting:

4. Marshmallows and a rake for roasting a million marshmallows at once:

5. Watermelon slices with popsicle sticks inserted in them:

6. Prescooped ice cream stored in cupcake papers:

7. An onion for expert grill-cleaning:

8. Burger toppings kept in muffin tins:

9. A headlamp for night grilling so you can tell when your meat is done:

10. Premade cocktails put in sealable plastic baggies for more portable potables:

11. Apple juice in a spray bottle to spritz on your meat:

All images from Thinkstock.

Make sure to level it alllll up with the ultimate summer BBQ hack: re-sealable, non-carbonated Smirnoff Ice Electric Flavors, so you can #KeepItMoving throughout the summer.

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