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11 Weekend Life Hacks That Are Really Not Asking Too Much

Sure, a suit can make a man. But what about the days you're not wearing a suit? Smirnoff Double Black will show you the proper points of being a man, including how to spruce up your weekend.

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2. Don't just cover up that nasty apartment smell.

If your apartment smells like feet, don't settle at making it smell like feet and flowers. Get rid of the feet smell, then decide if the flowers are necessary!

3. Make it back to your own house at the end of the night.

Don't just pass out anywhere at the end of the night. The only exception is if you end up in the bed of another consenting adult.

4. Follow-up: See if you can actually make it under the covers!

**Bonus points for changing out of your daytime attire**

6. Play video games using your whole body!


Did you know that video games (especially the sporty ones) are based on real-life physical activities? You should try them... they're exhilarating!

10. Just put your dirty clothes in the laundry machine.

You don't even need to turn it on. Just the fact that you put it in the machine means that you don't have dirty clothes lying all over your floor.

11. And maybe even... prepare for the upcoming week?

COULD YOU IMAGINE?! Taking a couple of hours on Sunday to do some chores in advance and save yourself a whole lot of stress during the week? Probably not. But maybe???

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