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11 Dance Moves To Try During Festival Season

Festival season is upon us, so get ready to dance like everyone is watching.

1. The Dad Break

Own the moment like this guy and make the crowd go wild with a well-timed dramatic pause.

2. The No-Look Basketball Dribble

3. The Standing Crunch

4. The Father of Two-Step

5. The No Bones, No Problem

6. The Don't Need No Girlfriend

7. The Clap and Pound

8. The No-bot

9. The I Believe I Can Fly

10. The Daddy Shmurda

When the beat drops and takes you by surprise, lean into it like this guy.

11. The Can't Stop, Won't Stop

No, really, don't stop. Keep that energy up!

Good times all summer long. Smirnoff Electric Flavours. #KeepItMoving. Watch the party here!