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14 Awards That Should Have Been Given Out In 2013

Time to give credit where credit is due. Raise a glass! That's where Smirnoff comes in.

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What a year!


So many advancements in the fields of technology, social justice, and the overall regulation of world suck. But let's take a minute to recognize those who were at the top of their seemingly insignificant fields. Shall we?

5. The award for Best Default Selfie Face goes to... / Kweeston

Sparrow face! Sorry duck face... your reign of terror is over.

6. The award for Most Impressive Vine goes to...

Via / Zach King

This wizard!

7. The award for Least Impressive Vine goes to... / Shep McAllister

This completely uneventful desk!

11. The award for Least Appetizing Instagram goes to... / adamtots

This sad vegan riblet!

13. The award for Most Pointless Tweet goes to...

Via Twitter: @theburpster

This silly revelation!

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