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    Get 4K (2160) YouTube Quality Preference For Your Video

    For a while, I have noticed that many camera shops have '4K Video' displayed elegantly and even embedded on the front side of their products. 4K video is a feature that connotes '4,000'. It is derived from the estimated four thousand pixels of the width of particular footage. __________________________________________________________________ Technology is ever-growing. Innovations never cease to happen in this realm. Thus, the 4K video format has been born. See, the best-known quality 1080p HD footage is merely 1920 on pixels across. But 4K is far much better in quality aspects. It is double as many pixels horizontally. And in total, it is four times as many pixels. __________________________________________________________________ Uploading 4K video on YouTube I have recorded a video for my travel adventure or my gym session and would want the whole world to take a look. My best option is to upload 4K to YouTube. Its quality is top-notch. Thus, whoever wishes to shoot and upload on YouTube can do so. ___________________________________________________________________________ However, a video uploaded with a resolution of 3860 X 2160 pixels, it is displayed as 2160p quality alternative on YouTube in the settings tab for your footage. This perhaps takes a bit longer than expected to show up after uploading. __________________________________________________________________________ The reason behind this occurrence is that YouTube creates various videos for each quality displayed on the settings for your video. But this depends on the uploaded file. Click the 'Settings' tab on the YouTube window, and you go ahead to click on the "Quality' options. All the video qualities are displayed there. Some may prefer a great quality video for their Instagram, but 4K video is large-sized and is too hard to share. ______________________________________________________________________ Editing for YouTube with VideoProc You have found out that most videos need to be edited before uploading to YouTube. Also, those who want to upload to other social media too need to have their clips well done. This calls for a video editing tool that can be used to cut, merge, to resize, and compressing. Watch the video below to learn more on editing with VideoProc. ________________________________________________________________________ Using such editing tools comes in handy since you can select the best aspect ratio. Additionally, you can adjust aspect ratio or crop or downscale or is also possible to reframe the video (as per requirements such as 30/60/120/240fps) ________________________________________________________________________ When editing 4K video for YouTube using a super editor, you can reduce shaking, thus stabilizing the video, de-noise it, fix fisheye and also convert to a variety of formats using 4K video converter. It is incredibly easy to add subtitle, insert a watermark, create M3U8 and even add some effects on your video. You can quick edit 4K video with the right tool. _________________________________________________________________________ VideoProc is a good solution to compress and edit the video to fit for YouTube or Instagram. However, you should enable the acceleration of hardware so that you can make the most of GPU on your PC. This aspect speeds up the video editing tasks and lowers the usage of CPU. This is usually ideal when converting, editing, and compressing high-bit rate 4k clips. __________________________________________________________________________ Conclusion You have got all the required info on the editing, compressing and uploading of 4K videos on YouTube. You can also make use of VideoProc to enhance your Instagram videos today.__________________________________________________________________

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