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    How To Shoot Jewelry Photography

    Have you ever wondered how professionals get jewelry to look so amazing on their site or in advertisements? Whilst the jewelry itself is beautiful, it never quite looks the same as its picture. Then, when you take a photo of those diamond earing they never quite look the same as the photos in the catalog?

    When it comes to taking photos of jewelry, it isn’t an easy task until you understand the keys to doing so. You have to focus on sharpness, lighting and exposure, mastering each of these individually in order to create the best possible photos. The article will get you started with how to shoot amazing photos and How to sell jewelry properly.

    Now, we know this may appear quite overwhelming at first, but it is not as complicated as it sounds! As long as you have some basic experience with a digital camera, you can begin taking stunning photos with the help of our tips and tricks. Before you actually begin the photoshoot, it is important to prepare thoroughly. Here is how you can get started.

    Clean Your Jewelry Before Taking a Photo

    Whilst this may seem like an obvious tip, you have to make sure that each piece of jewelry is absolutely spotless before taking any photos. Make sure to use professional cleaning tools if you can, as this will significantly impact the end results. What may not be seen by the naked eye will certainly be picked up by detailed images on a digital camera.

    Whilst new jewelry may only need a small wipe down with a cloth before your shoot, older jewelry may require a serious clean. Make sure to use a soft, damp cloth made of microfiber or cotton to effectively clean your items. To get the very best out of the cleaning session, you can also wear cotton gloves yourself as this will help to minimize any risk of fingerprints or dirt from your hands.

    Avoid Complex Backgrounds

    Another tip before shooting photos your jewelry is to make use of a simple background. This is a big mistake that many inexperienced retailers make, as they often try to differentiate themselves from the competition with colourful backgrounds. This is a big mistake and will do more harm than good to your photoshoot. There is a reason why professional marketplaces make use of a white or neutral background. By using a neutral background you can make sure that all focus is on the jewelry in the photo. After all, you don’t want people to be amazed by what’s in the background, as that’s not what you’re trying to sell. A plain white or light grey background does a great job and black backgrounds are also used by some photographers.

    You can create a simple white backdrop with ease and even on a low budget. They are also easy to edit should you need to. You can make use of anything from white paper to cloth in order to create a lightbox to get the highest quality photos. If you discover any background blemishes after the photo has been taken, you can use any free photo editing software to remove them with ease.

    Make Use of a Macro Lens

    When it comes to jewelry photography , your most important piece of equipment will be your macro lens. By using a macro lens, you can ensure to get the highest quality images of the smallest objects- which is why they are often quite expensive in the marketplace.

    You need to consider two different lenses when it comes to taking your photos. One macro lens will have a shorter focal length. These lenses have a short minimum focusing distance which helps you to pick up even the smallest details of the jewelry. The second lens must have a longer focal length and will be used to shoot from a more comfortable distance.

    When shooting at a close proximity it is also common for the camera lens to show up in a reflection. This has a simple and free solution. You can create your own lens “hide” by using a small white piece of paper with a hole to fit your camera. This will hide your camera from any reflections as well as reflect extra light towards the jewelry itself to get the very best photos.

    Begin Taking Your Photos

    After you have set yourself up using these three steps you will be ready to begin taking amazing photos of your jewelry. You will have a clear background to work on, as well as the right lenses to get the perfect photo every time.

    The main goal of shooting jewelry photography is to focus on highlighting the star of your item. For example, the charms on a bracelet or the main diamond on a ring. The best way of doing this is by using an auto focus on these key features. However, this will not guarantee the best focus and so you must review each image after every photo. If the focus is not accurate enough, refocus and lock it again.

    Before you decide to call your photoshoot to an end, make sure that your winning shots include images where you have the whole item in focus. Even if you are shooting for a catalogue make sure this is the case as they will only have space for one or two images to display the intricacies of your item. Although this may sound extremely tricky, you can use focus stacking to get the very best results. By using this technique, you can capture multiple shots with each aspect of your jewelry in focus, allowing you to create an image in which each feature of the item is focused.

    In order to get the very most out of your images, make sure that your camera is as stabilized as possible. The best way to do this is by using a tripod. A tripod will reduce camera shake but will also help with the framing of your item as this will not change as you move, allowing you to change your focus or lighting without hassle.