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    11 Great Deals On Workout Equipment That'll Compel You To Get Off Your Butt

    Everything you need to take your fitness game to the next level.

    1. This durable exercise ball that can have you working out sitting right at your desk – ₹611 (55 cm) to ₹689 (75 cm).

    2. This combo dumbbell set that goes up to 12 kg, and is perfect if you're just starting out – ₹759.

    3. This skipping rope that's a great, low-investment way to get your body moving – ₹199.

    4. This Mi Band fitness tracker that'll log all your workout activity and keep you motivated to keep pushing yourself – ₹1,299.

    5. This kettlebell that gives you access to a range of workouts for the entire body – Starts at ₹449 (4 kg).

    6. These Boult wireless earphones which have amazing ratings and reviews, to make your workout way more comfortable – ₹1,199.

    7. These fitness gloves that provide the padding you require for a smooth and comfortable workout session – ₹337.

    8. This push-up bar set with foam grips that'll help you perfect your form in a comfortable way – ₹599.

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