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    Here’s How To Send A Perfect Bulk Email Campaign

    Bulk Emails are one of the major forms of communication for any company, emails, after all these years, still remain one of the major forms of communication for companies, both in B2B or B2C. ________________________________________________________________________ Bulk emails have the highest power to get you the maximum email engagement with your audience. Sending bulk emails and getting the maximum engagement from them is an art as well as a science. ________________________________________________________________________ The deliverability of emails is a primary factor, but you also need to focus almost all your energy on creating the perfect campaign for your bulk emails. ______________________________________________________________________ Make sure you get into the Inbox A good bulk email service provider will allow you to send emails in a large number and make sure they land in your customer’s inboxes. Using a professional email service is beneficial as it will enable you to share a large number of emails at a reasonable price and without a lot of infrastructure and development efforts. Make sure the bulk email service you choose allows you to send a high number of emails at a reasonable price. One of the most popular Sendgrid alternative email service is Pepipost, they have known to provide some really amazing deliverability rates and at the most affordable pricing plan in the market. ______________________________________________________________________ Watch out for the Fake Email IDs Bulk email list verification is an indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails – determines whether or not a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves an address-by-address analysis of each email on an uploaded list and is offered as hosted software. Make sure you verify your email list before sending emails to these contacts as it will help you get the maximum engagement on your campaigns. ______________________________________________________________________ Make sure the Sun Sets correctly! Sunsetting your email list is a method used to make your email list as effective as possible. Verification of an email list makes sure all the email IDs on your list are valid, but doesn’t mean the owners of these email IDs will engage with your emails. To make sure you get the maximum engagement, you should periodically remove the contacts that are not engaging with your campaign. This ensures that only the people who want to hear from you, receive your emails. And also, it drastically shoots up your email engagement rates. ________________________________________________________________________ Your Email is the voice of your brand- It Matters the Most!! Ideally, you send emails that people want. That’s over half the battle. In addition, you should make your content interesting and relevant to the recipient. Some of the things you can do for getting the maximum relevance of your content is: personalize your content, send emails in half text and half HTML ratio. Only HTML emails are not well received by mailboxes and have very high chances of landing in the spam folder. ______________________________________________________________________ Make them Pretty, but not too Beautiful A good email uses design to improve the content. So if you feel like you're trying to squish and squeeze your content into a certain format - there is a better way! Content and design are equally important partners in delivering a compelling message. Quality content matters, but great design is important, too. ________________________________________________________________________ The Opening Act must always be Amazing The best subject lines communicate the promise of value. In other words, your subject line has to convince the recipient that the email contains information or messaging that will improve their lives and/or their businesses. Build Trust. Make sure your subject lines are attractive, and not misleading, they should intrigue the recipient to open your email. ________________________________________________________________________ Let them read it everywhere. Over half of consumers have unsubscribed from the brand’s promotional e-mails because they didn’t display on mobile. Meaning, non-responsive email designs could cost you half of your list, while a responsive design can give you a 30% higher click-through rate. Make sure your email templates are optimized for mobile and other devices so that your users can easily enjoy your beautifully crafted emails across any devices. ________________________________________________________________________ Lead the way with Links You have a great template, great content and great everything, now what? You also need to make sure your customers take the appropriate action that meets your business goals after reading the email. You can easily achieve this by including relevant CTAs and hyperlinks in your emails. If you are drafting your emails well, and sending the right content to the right audience, CTAs have known to perform amazingly well in driving very targeted and relevant website traffic. ______________________________________________________________________ Show them who you are!! Make your presence, your brand’s theme immediately clear by using a great signature at the bottom of your emails. Do make sure you use a person’s name instead of signing off as Team , it creates a lasting impression and makes the person feel like they have a bond with someone at your company. Also, use P.S and P.S.S, they add a great touch to your emails. If your company has a tagline, do make sure you use that. Also, don’t forget to use social media links to respective profiles at the bottom of your emails.

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