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How Inspire Medicine Packaging Designs

Since the evolution of humankind, numerous diseases have harmed people. Before the development in the world, the causes of the diseases were unknown, and so the man could not battle these life-threatening diseases. People used to cut the injured body part or employed needle treatment i.e. acupuncture to fight the illness. Ever since the development in the field of science and technology, these many problems have been significantly overcome. With the help of microscope finding the cause of the disease is rather easy. Several disease-causing agents have been discovered till now for example bacteria, virus, germs, etc. As specific agents cause diseases, so they require specific treatment.

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History of Medicine

Medicine deals with the cure and treatment of various illnesses, diseases and injuries. The origin of medicine dates back to Egyptian era, but modern medicine flourished in early 20th century. Early people used plants and herbs as medicines. They used the extract of plants to cure numerous diseases. Use of herbs and plants for treatment was very famous in those days, and the use of plants cured most of the illnesses. Progress in the field of science has transformed medicine industry. Medicines have significantly enhanced the human life span. Nowadays, drugs are available for diseases that were considered incurable like HIV, cancer, etc. With the development in the field of science, numerous diseases can be controlled beforehand by the use of vaccines.

Nowadays allopathic medicine has completely replaced herbal medicine due to its numerous advantages. Allopathic medicine is more effective and gives fast results as compared to herbal medicine. These medicines are made up of chemicals natural and artificial. These drugs exist in various forms i.e. tablets, ointments, injections, capsules, etc.

Why Medicines Require Packaging?

Since allopathic medicine is mostly made up of chemicals, so they require protection and safety. Chemicals are easily altered when exposed to light, heat, and moisture. In case the chemical composition of medicine changes it can become very harmful. Exposure to the unclean and unsterilized environment may modify the drug into a poison. The scientist put a lot of emphasis on the need for packaging and suggests that medicine should be shielded from a toxic environment to maintain its healing capability. Medicine box protects the medicine from microbial growth, contamination and also ensures product safety.

Based on the physical and chemical composition of drugs, the different types of packaging are available. The blister pack is used to enclose tablets, and syrups are kept in mostly dark colored glass bottles, ampoules are used for injections and ointments are packed in tubes. The medicine is further packed in a cardboard box ant the bulk is packaged in cartons for shipment all over the world.

How Packaging of Medicines Should Be?

Medicines should be packed in such a way so as to provide complete safety to drug. Following points should be kept in mind while packing medicine:

•The packaging material should not interact with the medicine chemically.

•It should not alter the quality and stability of the drug.

•It should be non-toxic.

•The packing should not impart its colour or odour on the product.

•The packing should certify safety from environmental conditions such as light, heat, moisture etc.

•It should be sealed properly so that it does not come in contact with air directly.

•The covering should provide safety against microbial growth and ensure product safety as well.

•It should be tamper resistant.

•The packing should ensure safety of product during transportation and storage.

•The packaged product should not get damaged in the process of getting to the final customer.

And finally the packaging should be repeatedly tested to avoid any harmful outcomes and the flaws should be immediately removed. To ensure complete safety of the drug it is packaged in three layers. These three layers are primary, secondary and tertiary. The first layer i.e. primary layer surrounds the drug. Based on the type of medicine it can be made up of plastic, glass or aluminium foil etc. Secondary layer surrounds the primary layer, it is usually a box made up of cardboard. Tertiary layer is the last layer enclosing secondary layer. It is usually a carton used for bulk handling and transporting medicine to far-off places.

Medicine boxes

Medicine boxes safeguard and protect the drug enclosed. These boxes are multipurpose and serve several purposes. They are made up of cardboard and are useful in many ways for example:

•The box provides information about the manufacture and expiry date of the product.

•The chemical composition of the medicine is printed on the box.

•The medicine box mentions whether the product is appropriate for people with allergies or chronic diseases.

•The disease is mentioned for which the medicine is effective.

•The box provides information that whether the drug requires doctor’s prescription or not.

•The dosage is mentioned on the box for infants, children and adults.

•In case of ointment, the box provides information whether the ointment is to be applied externally or internally.

•In case of injection the box tells if the injection is intravenous or intramuscular.

•The box specifies the conditions the drug should be kept at.

•It informs the user whether it is safe to use by lactating and pregnant women.

•The box keeps the drug moisture free and protects it from external hazards.

•The box can be recycles so it’s completely pollution free.

•These boxes being made up of cardboard are very inexpensive and a lot of wholesale medicine packaging can be bought with least expenditure.

•These boxes are customizable and a custom medicine box is manufactured exactly as you require.

These boxes provide extra protection and safety to the drug packed inside, further more they can be shipped to far-off places without the risk of damage. They protect drugs from humidity, damp and harmful environment. The packing of medicine is almost as important as the drug itself so its quality cannot be compromised. Medicine packaging should not be overlooked in order to provide protection and safety to the person using it.

Customized Medicine Boxes

These boxes need to be printed with details and information about the medicine therefore custom medicine boxes are preferred for serving the purpose of packaging medicines. Customization is a perk as it helps in branding the product and also it helps in providing the necessary information about the product by printing it on the box. Here custom medicine packaging could be very fruitful as for medicines as information about the ingredients used and the narrow safe limits is also very important and should be mentioned. Customized medicine boxes are very inexpensive and you can buy wholesale printed medicine boxes online.

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