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    • smhs1970

      Why aren’t people at Buzzfeed concerned about following the investigation of the car crash? Does Buzzfeed have investigators following up with the coroner’s office and the police in terms of how the car burned so fast and the body was “beyond recognition?” How could BUZZfeed “confirm” that the reported car crash death was Michael Hastings when the police and coroner could not confirm this because the body was “beyond recognition.” And what about local witnesses - even at that late hour? How could the car and body burn so fast just crashing into a tree - even at a high speed? What substances were in his body and what accelerants might have been found in the car? was the car malfunctioning? Did the wife know if they were having problems with that car? Did he have a drinking or drug problems?  Why was the back, side and front of the car burnt in a blow-out way… so that a person was not “recognizable”?… that takes time… and simply hitting a tree at a high speed is an unlikely way to get this type of damage. I hope that someone at BUZZfeed is investigating this. These are all grounded questions any one reasonable person living in the area would - and should - be asking? I hope someone - higher up - at BUZZfeed cares enough to stay with this story until these VALID questions are answered. Thank you so much!!

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