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Which CAKE Sister Are You????

are you Cailey, Amy, Kristen, or Ely

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  1. Its Saturday night, what are your plans?

    most likely out getting lit
    hanging with mom and dad
    at a friends house not paying any attention to my phone
    -binge watching 2 seasons worth of a show on netflix
  2. Its 2am, your bored af, mom & dad come into your room and see your not sleeping, what are you doing?

    working out
    im definitely asleep
  3. What can we find you craving/eating randomly during the day?

    literally anything i eat 24/7
    fries and only mcdonalds fries
    chicken nuggets
    nothing or fries
  4. You're at wendys what do you order?

    one of everything on the menu
    chicken nuggets with well done fries
    burger fries and dont forget my frosty!
    chicken nuggets with and XL fries
  5. How would u rank yourself on the athletic scale?

    uhh I go through phases where im really into going to the gym
    im genetically skinny so I don’t need to work out
    i workout everyday
    -plays one sport but id rather stay home and play on my laptop
  6. 1.What is your go-to karaoke song?

    can’t help falling in love – hailey reinhardt
    anything from hairspray
    anything from wicked
    uh karaoke? im not gay
  7. Best personality trait would describe you best

    weird and proud
  8. what is your typical breakfast meal?

    anything with eggs pls
    anything healthy
    i dont eat breakfast ever
    homemade cake batter waffles
  9. What is your academic standing

    just your average student
    the next einstein
    c's get degrees
    im trying to keep above a 3.5
  10. Describe your temper

    I enjoy tattle-telling when people are being mean
    occasionally can be a poop if youre a poop
    chill af
    i have zero chill

Which CAKE Sister Are You????

You got: Ely

You are pretty down to earth. Very independent and likes to go out and enjoy life with friends and family. You know how to have a good time and have plenty of friends who love you. You tend to be the leader of the pact since you represent the oldest sibling. Although you don’t always lead the best example you are overall a good person.

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You got: Cailey

-You live in your own world. You tend to like being home more than going out with your friends all the time, but when you do you are a f*cking savage. You speak without thinking and tend to have a constant attitude, but you are one of the most caring selfless people ever. You love your phone more than anything in this world, but you are a good person who loves her family and would do anything for them if need be.

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You got: Kristen

You are the most chill of them all. You literally give no fucks about anyone and what they think of you. You are so sure of yourself and nothing phases you. You are true to yourself and your friends and family and are one of the most real people there is. You are very intelligent and slightly OCD when it comes to your work ethic and the way you present yourself. You are a good listener and tend to give good advice when need be. You are extremely calm and could eat fries for breakfast lunch and dinner and still stay skinny.

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You got: Amy

You are still immature and stuck in your awkward stage but that’s okay. You tend to be more of a follower and tend to the most dependent on mom & dad. You are very weird and proud of it. You really have yet to discover yourself and have a lot of learning to do. You are very funny when you’re not weird.

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