Sam Bam
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    • Sam Bam

      I used to be ‘one of those people’ who chucked something in the microwave. Yes, it’s easier, but personally I did always feel guilty. I’ve seen so many people (including family) who use the “but I don’t have time” excuse and then blob out in front of the TV all night instead. People just don’t want to MAKE the time.  America is not the only culture in the world where both parents work long, tiring hours. In many other countries people might work all day but instead of sitting around the TV at the end of it with a tray on their laps, a family will cook and eat together. Food then becomes much more than just about refuelling - it is an important event on which family and social life hinges. So the problem is not the ‘luxury’ of time, it is the luxury of being educated in spending that time in a different way.

    • Sam Bam

      The Author is wrong - these foods are not horrifying, the concept behind the foods is horrifying. There is something fundamentally wrong when a company is able to produce a meal, make a profit on it, sell it to a shop, which puts its profit on it, and sells it for a DOLLAR. Think about how companies actually manage to do this. After packaging and distribution, the cost of the ingredients is about 5 cents - chemically produced sludge with the minimum nutritional value needed to pass necessary laws. It IS possible to cook for next to nothing and still eat properly. Look outside the US. There are many, many (very) poor countries with strong cultures of food and more importantly COOKING, where people simply don’t eat this stuff. If you live in a food dessert and you have no other choices, then you have my sympathy - but you should be ashamed of the country you live in, NOT grateful that there are companies out there who exist simply to exploit your poverty. Do yourself a favour - free yourself from a brainwashing culture that eating this stuff is ‘cheaper’, ‘quicker’, ‘filling’… blah blah blah. I’ve heard all the excuses. Just learn to cook. I did - it honestly changed my life.

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