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Creepy guy in Spokane wants to boycott Starbucks for kicking him out after hitting on employee half his age

I don't even know if you will read this, but you should check out the Spokane wa Starbucks on Main st page. A 37 year old man named lucas werner went there and hit on a very young employee. He was called a creep and kicked out. He is now calling for a boycott of this Starbucks and his friends are sticking up for him. Based on his belief that a man his age should be allowed to hit on 18 year olds because they're more fertile. And men over 35 make better babies. He even says that since 16 is the age of consent in Washington it should be ok to hit on 16 year olds. Thankfully their comments are buried by all the comments supporting Starbucks for protecting their employee.

Smccue • 2 years ago