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15 Life Situations That You May Not Be Prepared For, As Illustrated By Karl Pilkington

Life. It can take you literally anywhere. Karl Pilkington has traveled the world and seen some amazing things, but he hasn't always been prepared. You can be prepared for whatever life throws at you with the fuel efficient new Sports Utility Hybrid

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1. When you get a street back rub from a stranger in Beijing.

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Back rubs are great, but we've all had ones that stray from "relaxing rubdown" to "why are you trying to break my ribs?"

2. When they tell you everyone jumps off the big stick tower in Vanuatu, but you're pretty sure they're messing with you.

Sky TV / Via Courtesy Eric Sams

At the risk of being culturally insensitive, we're not sure we see the point of this.

3. When your cruise down the Nile turns into a wicked dance off.

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Karl's dance is called the Nile Fever. Wait, isn't that already a thing?

4. When you're next up to bungie jump in Soweto, and you start to have second thoughts.

Sky TV / Via Courtesy Eric Sams

It looks a lot higher once you actually get up there.

5. When your shaolin karate lesson gets hard as a motherf&%$er.

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"Excuse me, sensei? Should I still be able to feel my legs?"

6. When your choreography is not on point.

Sky TV / Via Courtesy Eric Sams

We've all had that bad dream where we're on stage without a clue.

7. Like, not at all.

Sky TV / Via Courtesy Eric Sams

It's like a sad little deleted scene from Glee.

8. When the local cuisine is not quite to your taste.

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"What part of what animal did I just put in my mouth?"

9. When the festivals in Bombay are a little too colorful.

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10. When you turn out to be not quite the luchador you hoped you were.

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"Get ready for the BODY SLAM! No? Nope. Ok. Let me try that again."

11. When you find out you're not much better as a sumo wrestler than you are as a luchador.

Sky TV / Via Courtesy Eric Sams

Not sure what the rules are, but it doesn't look like you're winning.

12. When your dinner plans in South Africa get a bit . . . unorthodox.

Sky TV / Via Courtesy Eric Sams

"Table for, I guess, two?"

13. When you haven't planned your "bathroom opportunities" in India carefully enough.

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"Seriously though, is there like a truck stop or something coming up?"

14. When even the gorillas seem to be mocking you.

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"I can't tell if you're just scratching because I'm scratching."

15. When your mode of transportation doesn't want to play ball.

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"Yeah, I'm definitely gonna need a seat cushion."

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