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The Top 7 Flabbergasted Reasons To Hire Samantha Maurice-Africa As Your Social Media Intern

It's now or never BuzzFeed...

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1. BuzzFeed has so much to offer and constantly coming out with news. Why not be apart of the "magic?

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You have her attention, now she wants yours. Samantha is eager to be part of the growth in contributing her skills to this company.

2. Social Media! It's Her Middle Name...

Imma Almourzaeva / Via

Well...technically it's not. BUT it could be... She's always trying out new apps to help benefit and improve herself. While researching online about sources such as Buzzfeed, she's open to see what will be next with social networking. She's always updating her apps, while exploring each one thoroughly.

4. Previously as a news hostess & writer, she's dedicated her time to learn how important social media is, especially in the entertainment field.

Samantha Maurice-Africa / Via

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn...oh my! She has it all...

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