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If You Think You Want A Burger Right Now, Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Do

It shouldn't take a person much convincing to go get a hamburger, but if you need a nudge, here's a good case why you should.

1. Most of our own planet's oceans remain unexplored. Maybe that's because the one thing we do know is there are no burgers down there.

2. Unlike your ex, burgers will never break up with you through DM.

3. Thanks to the practical efficiency of the burger bun, there's less need for wasteful plastic forks and knives.

4. Your archnemesis probably wants you to NOT have a burger. Spite them by getting one.

5. For centuries, scholars have debated whether man is good or evil. The only debate surrounding burgers is what toppings go best on them.

6. The Earth is but a sphere floating in a vacant void, so fill that void with burgers.

7. Simulation theory posits that none of this real, but burgers are a pretty delicious illusion.

8. It's possible that if there are alien civilizations they are far more advanced than ours...but the real question is: Do they got burgers?

9. Like time itself, hamburgers are a human construct, but at least hamburgers can come with cheese.

10. Life hack: They say you should have three square meals a day, but they never specify how many circular ones you should have.


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