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14 Cats Who Are Thoroughly Confused As To What A Catwalk Is

Behold - the latest in kitty fashion. It's fabulous.

1. Werk.

2. They call it Box Chic

3. That was intentional.

4. Props are fine. Use props.

5. You can be both fabulous and coy. That's allowed.

6. Get that feather, girl. Werk.

7. Under the door catwalk. Unorthodox.

8. Is this the kitchen floor? Or a Paris runway. I forget.

9. Stay fabulous. Stay vigilant, too.

10. Smile for the camera, honey.

11. Exit with grace.

12. Prance, now! Prance! You're a tiger!

13. Do you remember all of your haters? Good. Forget them.

14. Then there's P'Trique, the most ferocious and fiercest of all, uh...kitties.

Watch as he hits up Smashbox Studios with Kristin Chenoweth in L.A. to get fabulous-ized.

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