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14 Signs You Really Need A Vacation From Your Phone

Let it go... to voicemail.

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1. You can't start your day without checking your notifications — and feel bummed if you have no waiting texts.

2. Your love life is spelled out in Tinder messages.

3. You bought the Big Bang Special Edition Car in Angry Birds Go! when it was $99.

4. You refresh Snapchat just to watch the ghost dance, at the most unforgivable times.

5. You feel separation anxiety when you can't use your phone.

6. You're stressed out constantly because of iMessage read receipts.

7. You roll your eyes whenever you're asked to "silence your cell phone."

8. You get annoyed when someone asks to use your phone...

9. ...but are still always borrowing somebody else's charger.


10. You call friends and family without considering the time zone difference.

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11. You swear you can walk and text at the same time.

12. You leave the house mainly to find new things to Instagram.

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13. You've actually dropped your phone on your face while FaceTiming.

14. And you've been distracted from real life because of a life event on Facebook.

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