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11 Breathtaking Trails That Are Totally Worth The Run

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25 miles through hot springs, placid pools, flourishing underbrush, and yes, ex-lava fields, the McKenzie River Trail in Eugene, Oregon is a must-see during the transitional months. One word of advice: bring a camera — you won't regret it.

When National Geographic calls a trail one of the top 10 in the United States, you know the views will be jaw-dropping — and the Channel Islands are no exception. Accessible only by boat or plane, the islands also offer views of marine wildlife.

Now this is it, the big one. Stretching 2,179 miles across 14 states, the Appalachian Trail is probably the most famous among runners. While millions hit the path every year, only a select few have gone end to end. The current record is under 48 days.

If you're up for a challenge — specifically 7,000 up above sea level — the 10-mile Siyeh Pass Trail in Montana's Glacier National Park is for you. Called the "Crown of the Continent," the park features alpine meadows, mountains, and historic chalets.

Wherever you run, take some time to look up — and stay hydrated with vapor-distilled smartwater, uniquely inspired by the clouds.