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15 Ways Living With Flatmates Prepares You For Adulthood

Real adults take the bin out!

1. You get to work on your communication skills constantly.

2. And maybe refine your writing skills.

3. You're pretty savvy with managing your time...

4. ...and your finances.

5. It will inspire you to look after the pennies.

6. It basically eases you into paying your taxes.

7. You master the art of improvisation...

When you wanna eat cereal and there are no clean bowls, but the KD pot is always clean

8. ...and the art of...bluffing.

9. Sometimes you will embrace some of that grown-up responsibility.

10. And sometimes, you might even get *proactive* with that responsibility...

11. You'll learn how to protect your assets.

12. You learn to appreciate the simple pleasures that you never paid attention to before.

13. Your negotiation skills will be ON POINT.

14. Chances are you'll become more courageous.

15. You're basically learning to be part of a team.

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