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14 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re The Grown-Up In Your House Share

Being the grown-up means you get all the responsibilities. But with the new smart meter rollout, you'll never have to give a meter reading again. That's one less thing to worry about!

1. You're probably the only one who knows how to use the iron.

2. And no one really fully gets the thrill when you manage to get a good deal on your gas and electric.

3. You're forever turning lights off...

4. ...closing cupboards and drawers...

every time I go in my kitchen it looks like my house is haunted. #lazyness

5. ...and reminding everyone that food doesn't go in the sink, it goes in the bin.

the noise I make when I touch a piece of soggy food in the sink

6. You're the one entrusted with all the dealings with your landlord.

7. And "entrusted" with the chore of taking the meter readings too.

8. You'll feel like a nag when your flatmates forget to pay you the bill money.

9. In fact, you wonder why they steadfastly refuse to just set up a "direct debit".

10. And while you would hate to say "I told you so"...

11. You're the one who took the time to read the instructions on how to set the timer on the boiler.

12. You're always thinking to pick up various bits and pieces for the house.

13. And while it might seem naff, there's a lot to be said for redeeming a money-off coupon or two.

14. But, despite the extra work, it feels kinda nice looking after everyone.

Calling all grown-ups out there – did you know every home in Britain will be offered a smart meter by their supplier at no extra cost?

That’s right, between now and 2020, whether you rent or own, you’ll be offered a smart meter, allowing you to see how much you’re spending, in pounds and pence, in near real time. Readings are sent straight to your supplier, so you won’t overpay for estimated bills – and you’ll avoid that bill credit awkwardness every time someone moves out.

More than 4 million have already been installed! To find out how you can get a smart meter from your supplier, visit the Smart Energy GB website.