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14 Things You Can Get For Your House That Are Basically Magic

Make your home look exactly like The Jetsons.

1. A robot vacuum that cleans the floor for you.

2. A fridge that lets you know when your food's about to go off.

3. A mug that'll ensure you'll never have a lukewarm cup of tea ever again.

4. A lamp that adjusts its lighting based on what you're doing.

5. A plug that turns your electronic devices into smart ones, instantly.

6. An alarm clock that uses comfort to get you out of bed.

7. A coffee machine that'll have a cup waiting for you in the mornings...

8. ...or a kettle that'll get a brew ready for when you come home.

9. A meter that shows you how much you’re spending on gas and electricity in pounds and pence.

10. A kitchen scale that guides you step-by-step through a recipe.

11. A thermometer that alerts you when your meat is perfectly cooked through.

12. A thermostat that'll heat up your home when you're nearby.

13. A voice-activated virtual-assistant that controls all the devices in your home.

14. A video doorbell that streams who's at your door to your phone.

Want a smart meter for your home? Everyone in Britain, including renters, will be offered one by their energy supplier as part of the national rollout. Click here to find out how to get a smart meter for your home at no extra cost.