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14 Things You Can Get For Your House That Are Basically Magic

Make your home look exactly like The Jetsons.

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1. A robot vacuum that cleans the floor for you.

Amazon / Via

This incredibly nifty vacuum uses lasers to identify areas where the floor is in need of a clean, then goes ahead and vacuums up the dirt – all by itself. It's especially great if you have housemates who tend to leave crumbs everywhere.

2. A fridge that lets you know when your food's about to go off.

Currys / Via

This fridge by Samsung is full of ~futuristic~ features, including internal cameras that show what's inside your fridge via your phone (particularly useful for finding out which of your housemates is nicking your butter). You can also log the expiration dates on your food, meaning it can send you alerts when things are due to go off, helping to reduce food waste.

3. A mug that'll ensure you'll never have a lukewarm cup of tea ever again.

Kickstarter / Via

This ingenious mug prevents the most British problem of all: your tea going cold. The Glowstone Smart Heated Mug keeps your drink hot until you've finished it all – at which point it switches itself off automatically.

4. A lamp that adjusts its lighting based on what you're doing.

Indiegogo / Via

The Fluxo Smart Lamp is a light that lets you change the colour of its light and its direction using an app. The lamp learns from your behaviour and adjusts the lighting based on your preferences – e.g. using a soft, dimmed light when you are going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The light can also turn itself on and off when you enter and leave a room.

5. A plug that turns your electronic devices into smart ones, instantly.

Currys / Via

The WeMo switch lets you control your electronic devices via your smartphone, even if they're not "smart" – working on everything from speakers to lamps and even your hair straighteners. The WeMo app also lets you schedule the devices to turn on/off at certain times, so they're ready for when you need them.

6. An alarm clock that uses comfort to get you out of bed.

Indiegogo / Via

This super fluffy mat doubles as an alarm clock that is only silenced when you stand on it for three seconds. Not only is this a solid way to ensure you actually get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze, the softness of the mat is a great reward for your feet – especially on cold winter mornings.

7. A coffee machine that'll have a cup waiting for you in the mornings...

John Lewis / Via

If you're someone who can't function before you've had your caffeine fix, check out this coffee machine that you control over Wi-Fi. It brews a cup in time with your morning alarm (and keeps it warm for 30 minutes), so it's ready when you need it most.

8. ...or a kettle that'll get a brew ready for when you come home.

Smarter / Via

If tea's more your thing, this smart kettle has a bunch of features – its best being that it can heat itself up when you arrive home and keep itself warm until you're ready for a drink. You can also customise the temperature it heats the water to – because we all know that making the perfect cuppa is a proper science.

9. A meter that shows you how much you’re spending on gas and electricity in pounds and pence.


Rather than having to wait around for the gas man to check your meter, smart meters track your energy usage in near real time, and give you accurate bills rather than the estimated ones we're all used to. Your energy supplier will install one for you at no extra cost.

10. A kitchen scale that guides you step-by-step through a recipe.

Lakeland / Via

This kitchen scale by Drop connects to your tablet and guides you through recipes: It knows when you've put in the required amount of an ingredient and will prompt you to put in the next one. It can also scale recipes by ingredient, so if you have less of an ingredient than the recipe calls for, it'll automatically adjust the rest of the recipe accordingly.

11. A thermometer that alerts you when your meat is perfectly cooked through.

Kickstarter / Via

This smart thermometer monitors the temperature of meat as it's cooking, and sends you a notification when it's ready – to ensure you get perfectly cooked food every time. It's especially useful when you're hosting: Meater Block lets you cook different steaks to different temperatures at the same time, so your guests can get them cooked exactly how they like them.

12. A thermostat that'll heat up your home when you're nearby.

John Lewis / Via

You can control the Nest Thermostat from your smartphone, and it can use your phone's location to make smarter energy decisions, so it can warm up your home for just before you arrive. It also learns your schedule as you use it, so it can automatically adjust your home's temperature and hot water based on your preferences.

13. A voice-activated virtual-assistant that controls all the devices in your home.

Amazon / Via

If you want proof we're truly living in the future, check out Amazon Echo, which has a built-in voice-controlled assistant, Alexa. Not only can it play music and call taxis for you, it lets you control other devices using just your voice, so it can switch off your light once you're tucked up in bed. The Echo works in tandem with the aforementioned smart plugs, meaning it can control pretty much anything electronic in your home.

14. A video doorbell that streams who's at your door to your phone.

PC World / Via

The RING video doorbell has motion sensors and sends alerts to your phone when someone's near your door. It also has a speaker and microphone built in, so you can speak to visitors – whether you're at home or not.

Want a smart meter for your home? Everyone in Britain, including renters, will be offered one by their energy supplier as part of the national rollout. Click here to find out how to get a smart meter for your home at no extra cost.