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The 14 Stages Of Cooking Dinner For All Of Your Mates

"i'm cooking for how many people?!"

1. So you get a message in your house group chat saying the one housemate who can actually cook has done their back in and can't cook their special spag bol tonight.

2. A thought suddenly pops into your head... "Maybe I could cook an amazing meal instead?"

3. The evening comes, and you count up exactly how many people you've got to cook for.

4. Here comes the mild panic.

5. The frantic chopping begins.

6. Your housemates start coming into the kitchen and butting in with their advice.

7. "Everyone's a bloomin' critic!"

8. When you've got all the appliances on at the same time and are taking multitasking to a whole new level.

9. Suddenly, you find yourself finally getting into the swing of things.

10. Your housemates (and your next-door neighbours) start to smell something great coming out of the kitchen and start queuing up.

11. You're finally done, and it's time to start dishing it out!

12. You stalk the dinner table like an animal, checking everyone's enjoying their meal.

13. The meal goes down a treat, and people start coming for seconds.

14. Finally, you stand back and marvel at the magic you made. Proud with the knowledge that you singlehandedly saved dinnertime.

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