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10 Times Ainsley Harriott Perfectly Captured How We All Feel

The face that launched a thousand memes.

1. The expression you make when you check your bank balance after a big night out.

2. And your celebration when the starter arrives at the table looking hot and delicious.

3. The look of disbelief when your friend tells you some serious gossip about someone at the pub.

4. The celebration dance when you're bobbing around the kitchen preparing a tasty Sunday brunch.

5. When you smell something foul and you know someone standing nearby is responsible.

6. The face you make after finishing an entire pizza.

7. When you're watching two people have a serious row in public and it's getting out of control but also you love drama.

8. The look of confidence when you and the squad are posing for a group picture on a night out.

9. When your mate is telling you about their crazy ex, but you realise midway through their story that they're the one who's crazy.

10. And finally: When you're out living life and you suddenly remember you forgot to pay your electric bill.

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