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The Cutest TV Dogs Of The Last 20 Years

Dogs are important parts of every family, even on TV. Check out some of the cutest canine buddies to grace the small screen over last two decades and get to know Lambchop the Chihuahua on Small Town Security, Sundays at 11/10c on AMC.

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Eddie Crane (Frasier)

NBC / Getty Images

This scene-stealing Jack Russel Terrier became so beloved during the show's run that People Magazine ran a legitimate obituary for him when he passed on to doggy heaven in 2006.

Porthos (Star Trek Enterprise)

© UPN / Everett Collection

Captain Archer's beagle had a pretty awesome life, it seems. He got to hang out with Vulcans, Ferengi and humans alike on the Enterprise, and - lucky for him - got to smooch his studly owner on the regular. Jealous?

Comet (Full House)

© Warner Bros. / Everett Collection

After a dog the Tanner family found turned out to be pregnant and have puppies, they decided to keep one, Comet. The dog who played Michelle's canine companion on the show also happens to be the same labrador that starred in the original Air Bud movie.

Ivana (Zak and Cody's Suite Life)

© Disney Channel / Everett Collection

Belonging to a hotel heiress named London Tipton and named after Donad Trump's extravagant ex-wife, this minuscule Pomeranian was by far the most spoiled pet on the Disney Channel.

Buck (Married With Children)

© Columbia TriStar Television / Everett Collection

The Bundy family's lackadaisical dog had a reputation for being a stud with the ladies - there were many references to him impregnating all the neighborhood dogs. If that didn't make him cool enough, the large Briard was sometimes voice by Richard "Cheech" Marin.

Lambchop (Small Town Security)

Running your own security company is no easy task, but thankfully the JJK Security, they've got an adorable mascot to help them along in their every day adventures. Get to know Lambchop and her owners on Small Town Security, a new original series from AMC, premiering Sunday, July 15th 11/10c.

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Elizabeth Taylor (Sex and The City)

James Devaney / WireImage / Getty Images

Leave it up to Charlotte to adopt a dog named "Princess Dandyridge Brandywine" - thankfully she wasted to time changing its name to the slightly less silly Elizabeth Taylor or outfitting it with high fashion doggy sweaters.

Stinky and Nunzio (Dharma and Greg)

© 20th Century Fox Film / Everett Collection

You might be surprised to find out Stinky, the larger of two dogs, is actually Nunzio's owner. He was a Bar Mitzvah gift from the kooky Dharma.

Celine (Summer Heights High)

© Princess Pictures / HBO / Everett Collection

Mr. G's tiny dog Celine is a dog of many talents: her owner insists she can solve math problems and has modeled in commercials. Sadly, Celine gets hit by a car, returning at the end of the season outfitted with a snazzy set of wheels to aid her injured hind legs.

Tinkerbell (The Simple Life)

Amy Graves / WireImage / Getty Images

Poor Tinkerbell - she was famously lost for several days a few years ago and then she...well, had to hang out with Paris Hilton all the time. Like her owner, she hasn't made headlines in a while, but when her fame peaked in 2004, she wrote a tell-all book that you can now buy for 1 cent on Amazon.

Wishbone (Wishbone)

© Big Feats! Entertainment / Everett Collection

Those of you who grew up in the 90's are probably very familiar with Wishbone, the Jack Russel Terrier that made stories from classic literature accessible to children on the PBS show bearing his name.

Digby (Pushing Daisies)

Scott Garfield / American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. / Getty Images

You might not be able to tell at first glance, but Digby is actually a zombie dog. Originally killed by a truck when his owner Ned was just 9-years-old, Digby was the first creature he brought back to life when he discovered his powers. The only downside is that Ned could never touch Digby or he would be killed instantly.

Murray (Mad About You)

© TriStar / Everett Collection

Murray was the center of quite a few plot lines of Mad About You during the show's 7 season run. The hilarious "Giblets for Murray" episode is a classic.

Vincent (Lost)

Mario Perez / American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. / Getty Images

Walt's Labrador Vincent was the only non-human survivor of Flight 185 and was found roaming in the jungle after he had been presumed lost. Throughout the show, he was owned by many different survivors.

Dreyfuss (Golden Girls/Empty Nest)

ABC STUDIOS / Getty Images

Dreyfuss, played by an enormous half lab/half St. Bernard named Bear first made a guest appearance in Golden Girls episode, and was later featured prominently in the spin-off Empty Nest. Dreyfuss was best known for his comical shenanigans, once memorably running out of a bedroom with a pair of slacks inexplicably hanging from his mouth.

Happy (7th Heaven)

Mirek Towski / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images

At the height of the show's popularity, the Camden family's Terrier mix Happy was nominated for Favorite Animal Star at the Kids' Choice Awards and Favorite TV Pet at the TV Guide Awards but sadly won neither title.

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