Winnie The Pooh’s Next Vacation Spot: Colorado

This week Colorado legalized cannabis and there seems to be a theory that the creatures of the Hundred Acre Wood would like to pay a visit.

1. Eeyore

He doesn’t care about anything, has a lack of motivation and slow reactions: marijuana.

2. Piglet

He is afraid of everything and is constantly paranoid of being chased: Mushrooms.

3. Rabbit

He gets into everyone’s business and has an obsessive compulsive disorder: Cocaine.

4. Tigger

He can’t calm down, is never tired and bounces all the time: Ecstasy.

5. Winnie The Pooh

He loves sweets, has the wildest imagination and is constantly on the hunt for food: LSD.

6. Christopher Robin

He can talk to animals: Hallucinogens.

7. Owl

He is always there to help anyone who needs it: Dealer!

8. Gopher

He has slurred speech and is happiest when he’s alone: Closet Alcoholic.

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