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The Similarities Of Doctor Who And Sherlock Holmes

Warning: These are just mere observations and not meant to be taken too seriously! It's elementary, dear fandoms!

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1. They have both been portrayed by many different men over the years!

2. Pieces of clothing have been associated with them!

3. Both British (and lovers of a cuppa).

4. Their Homes Are Just As Famous As They Are!

221B Baker Street

The Tardis

5. Both Have Tools To Assist Them.

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

Sonic Screwdriver

6. Both Somewhat Understand People But Are Themselves Somehow Removed From Humanity!

7. Know How To Insult A Person!


9. Both Have Sidekicks!

10. Both Rely On The Sidekicks To Make Their Lives Interesting When Things Are Boring!

11. The Antagonists Both Begin With "M".


The Master

12. Amazing Kissers!

13. And When They Cry, Oh The Feels!

14. They Have The Best Fans In The World!

15. And Let's Face It, They're Both Just REALLY Sexy!

What Would Happen If They Met Each Other!

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Spoiler Alert: The Universe Would Probably Implode!

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