The Definitive Ranking Of Backstreet Boys Music Videos

You may think this list is “Incomplete” but it’s “All I Have To Give!”

24. “Anywhere For You”

Things To Take Note Of: The awkward Baywatch/Dawson’s Creek vibe throughout, the turtlenecks, and, of course, the reappearance of the beach ball.

23. “Just Want You To Know”

Things To Take Note Of: The image that Nick could quite happily live in a trailer park, the mullets, the leopard print, and the knowledge that they will never be quite rock ‘n’ roll.

22. “Helpless When She Smiles”

Things To Take Note Of: The unsettling feeling that the girl would rather be with the cameraman, Howie’s dancing fingers to indicate rain, and Brian giggling to himself.

21. “Bigger”

Things To Take Note Of: The possible burn of singing “you’re bigger than me” to an ex-girlfriend, filming a video in Japan better than Avril Lavigne, and, of course, the karaoke.

20. “I Still…”

Things To Take Note Of: Nick crying at having to take the bus, Howie trying to steal a cab from a girl, Kevin being driven to drink, Brian walking into traffic, and A.J. not being able to find his way out of the alley.

19. “Get Down (You’re The One For Me)”

Things To Take Note Of: Big jackets, sexual dance moves (and lyrics), and Nick’s “curtain” hair.

18. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

Things To Take Note Of: The new creepy friends they made, the realization that Backstreet apparently left, and the Scooby Doo-type storyline.

17. “Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)”

Things To Take Note Of: Brian and A.J.’s lack of shirts, tattoos everywhere, and, at times, Kevin and Howie looking like they don’t have a torso.

16. “The One”

Things To Take Note Of: The concert footage, awkward close-up photos, and the annoying screaming in the background.

15. “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely”

Things To Take Note Of: The serious tone of this video, the real footage of Kevin’s dad, and the different story lines that mean something to each band member. Read more here.

14. “As Long As You Love Me”

Things To Take Note Of: The size of their phones, that dang basketball, and the girls that get changed into Spice Girls wannabes (enjoy the pun).

13. “Inconsolable”

Things To Take Note Of: The clever use of red to signify something important probably, a pier that looks very One Direction, and the lack of Kevin.

12. “In A World Like This”

Things To Take Note Of: Looking like a bachelor party in a Pinterest photo shoot, Nick’s guitar playing, and wondering what is in that brown grocery bag.

11. “We’ve Got It Goin’ On”

Things To Take Note Of: Their first music video/single, denim with leather, and creepy shots of radio hosts watching them pray.

10. “More Than That”

Things To Take Note Of: The Madonna video feel, Howie and Nick’s friendship necklaces, and Kevin’s cowboy hat.

9. “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”

Things To Take Note Of: Creepy intro, slicked back hair, and the awkward interaction with the older-looking models.

8. “The Call”

Things To Take Note Of: The really annoying ringing noise, the seriousness of stalking, and the Britney Spears-esque talking part.

7. “Drowning”

Things To Take Note Of: Howie’s Ricky Martin inspired outfit, A.J.’s frosted tips, and the lack of water for a song with this title.

6. “Incomplete”

Things To Take Note Of: Hanging out around people’s laundry and the question of the abrupt number of fires starting around them while Kevin’s musical ability gets pelted with snow. Also, no one seems to be helping Brian while he almost drowns. Hmm…

5. “Shape Of My Heart”

Things To Take Note Of: The awkward break in the line “Don’t put out/the glow,” the blue tint, the chest holding, and that one girl flirting with all the members.

4. “All I Have To Give”

Things To Take Note Of: Nick’s bandana, the nice white-jacket-colored-shirt combo, and the Inspector Gadget hats.

3. “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”

Things To Take Note Of: Kevin’s Oasis haircut, A.J.’s choker, and, of course, the rain scene.

2. “Larger Than Life”

Things To Take Note Of: The obvious CGI, Star Wars/Blade Runner feel, and Howie’s not-as-cool outfit.

1. “I Want It That Way”

Things To Take Note Of: Contrast of black and white, the lack of security at an airport, and the screaming, crying tweens.

Disclaimer: “Straight Through My Heart” and “Crawling Back To You” did not have good quality music videos that could be embedded and therefore were not added to the list.

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