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14 Thoughts When Invited To A Bridal Shower While Single

Get ready to feel "something blue."

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1. How on earth did they get this invitation into this envelope?


2. How many of my friends are getting married? SERIOUSLY!


3. Ugh, the most annoying people will be there!


4. This is how much money they think I have.


5. How much I actually have!

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6. There's a Hello Kitty theme?


7. You have to play games?


8. Someone gave a bigger present than you!

NBC / Via

9. Do we clap after every gift?

10. Great, all the bridal party are on a diet.

11. I don't care about small talk, I just care about the food.

12. If one more person says "Don't worry, your time will come!" I'm going to scream.

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13. The bride isn't going to talk to half these people after she's married.

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14. Who cares? I made it through without crying or vomiting! Score!


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