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8 Amazing All-Star Cover Songs We Bet You've Never Heard

Bet you didn't know that David Uosikkinen from the 80's band The Hooters has a killer music project that was started to raise awareness for music education for kids in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. All of his superstar musician friends play and sing on the cover songs...each song has a history with Philadelphia. Each song has a "making-of" short by award winning director Steve Acito.

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This is David (on the right) with his band The Hooters

Yes his hair and clothes are REALLY yellow

Yes his hair and clothes are REALLY yellow

They had some's one so you know what's up

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"And we danced"

Most people don't know that Rob from The Hooters wrote this song with Cyndi Lauper and they were band on this whole album

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Fast forward to 2010 - He has an idea for a charity project! Re-recording Philly songs with Philly musicians!

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Here's the "making-of" for the 1st song - "All My Mondays"...rockin!

Then they picked an awesome song by The Nazz - Todd Rundgren

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Song two was "Open My Eyes" with Rob and Eric from the Hooters, Bill Whitman from Cyndi Lauper's band, Rick DeFonzo from The A's and Geoffrey Gaines singing....crazy rockin' goodness

Then it goes into the "wayback machine" to the 50s

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Get on your dancing shoes - The Dovell's "You Can't Sit Down"...with the Geater and Tommy Conwell...what?!?!

Then SKA! This is getting crazy

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"Soon You'll Be Gone" originally performed by The Hooters in 1980. It is a tribute to The Hooters original band members, John Kuzma and Bobby Woods, who sadly passed away. #RIP

Time to ROCK with a Robert Hazard song! Bet you didn't know, he wrote "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

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"Change Reaction" was originally recorded in 1981 by Robert Hazard & The Heroes. David Uosikkinen's new version pays homage to one of Hazard's most beloved and memorable tunes.

DISCO INFERNO feat. rapper Schoolly D! Yes this song is from Philly too!

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"Disco Inferno" is an inspired cover originally recorded by The Trammps in 1976. This song features Schoolly D, Graham Alexander (he was Paul McCartney in "Rain" on Broadway) and original guitarist from the Trammps song, TJ Tindall!

The other side of the 70s with Eric Bazilian of The Hooters singing!

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"I Ain't Searchin" a great Philly classic, originally recorded by The American Dream in 1970.

Then a seriously awesome Todd Rundgren song

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"I Saw The Light" originally recorded by Todd Rundgren in 1972, is the 8th song from David Uosikkinen's In The Pocket.

What song is next? hmmm

You can keep up with this charity project at!

You can find out more about who the project is helping at!

You can see more about Steve Acito, the guy that makes these documentary shorts and his company at

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