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Working At DC Comics Looks Like A Dream Job

When you're greeted by Batman every morning in the lobby, you probably have a pretty sweet gig. DC Comics were kind enough to let us roam around their New York City headquarters and take candid photos of their nerdy, envy-inspiring offices.

The walls are covered with huge, amazing pieces of art depicting your favorite DC icons.

Batman keeps vigil over the lobby with his trusted sidekick, Receptionist. Also, kryptonite.

Around every corner are amazing pieces of memorabilia like this vintage Superman pinball machine. The rooms are marked by word balloons, because plaques are for squares.

DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio looks over proofs for two of DC's upcoming blockbuster launches, The New 52: Second Wave and Before Watchmen.

Every office, regardless of the employee, is plastered with comics and toys.

Especially Dan DiDio's office. It was like the coolest episode of "Hoarders" ever.

More Dan, more awesomeness.

A closer look at Before Watchmen and a mysterious stranger on Dan DiDio's computer.

Mark Chiarello, Art Director for DC Comics.

Seriously, it's all graphic novels and action figures in this place.

Mark's office, with a piece of Before Watchmen publicity.

Mark dutifully preps Before Watchmen on his nifty doodad.

The DC Moleskine is an enviable piece of swag that only employees are privy to.

Mark's office overlooks the Ed Sullivan theater. A billboard with David Letterman's face eerily leers at him all day.

Will Dennis is an Editor who oversees everything from Before Watchmen to DC's adaptation of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."

Will's wall of wondrous whimsy.


More stuff.

And, finally, an amazing mural with contributions from comic book royalty. Legends like Jack Kirby, Bob Kane and Will Eisner put their signatures upon the DC pantheon.

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