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Puppy Bowl Behind The Scenes: Piglet Pep Squad

For the first time ever, a Piglet Pep Squad will take to the field during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. BuzzFeed was granted backstage access and got to hang out with piglet stars Bubbles, Hank, Beulah, Khalessa and Othello, which was way cuter than we were prepared for.

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When we entered the Piglet Green Room we found Hank, Beulah, Khalessa and Othello hanging out in a pen. They came to Midtown Manhattan all the way from Ross Mill Farm in Pennsylvania, but were totally calm about the whole thing.


Bubbles was super smart and very friendly. At one point she wanted to come visit me, but I was on the other side of the cage. If she had gone straight at me, she would have been trapped in the cage but instead she looked at the situation and walked around the enclosure to ask me for ear scratches. Would a puppy know to do that?


This is the Animal Safety Representative (left) luring the piglets into their crate. The representatives are hired whenever any animals are used in a production, to make sure none of them are harmed or treated unethically.

A majority of the time was spent trying to get her to make "piggy noises" that Animal Planet could dub over the segment. Holding treats above her head and later cuddling her did the trick.

Photos by Amy Sly


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