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OMG & LOL Added To The Dictionary

[sniff] This is a proud moment for BuzzFeed. OMG and LOL have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Maybe now our Grandmas will understand what we do here.

  • Some other new additions are: Dotbomb - An Internet company which has become bankrupt or ceased to operate; a failed or unsuccessful dotcom

  • Muffin top - A roll of flesh which hangs visibly over a person's (esp. a woman's) tight-fitting waistband

  • Ego-surfing - The practice of searching on the Internet for mentions of one's own name or the name of one's business, website, etc.

  • Banh mi - In Vietnamese cuisine: a sandwich comprising a baguette (traditionally baked using a combination of rice and wheat flour) split lengthwise and filled with a variety of ingredients, typically including pâté and/or grilled meat, pickled vegetables, sliced chilli or chilli sauce, and fresh coriander