The Celebrity Mashup Photoshop Game

The game was introduced to me by one Miss Kelly Sharp and goes as follows; combine the first/last name of a celebrity with the first/last name of another celebrity. Example: Diana Ross + Ross Geller = Diana Ross Geller. The results are invariably hideous.

Marky Mark Zuckerberg

Pamela Anderson Cooper

Ronald McDonald Trump

Curious George Washington

Buffalo Bill Cosby

Zsa Zsa Gaboris Yeltsin

Larry David Hasselhoff

Andy Warhall & Oates

Celine Dion Sanders

Hermione Granger Rick

Joey Tribbiani Difranco

Katharine Hepburning Man

Stevie Wonder Woman

Winston Churchillary Clinton

Woody Allen Iverson

Salvador Dolly Parton

Photoshopping by Amy Sly and Chris Ritter

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