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Absurd Tweets Illustrated

Absurd Overheard takes some of the ridiculous (or genius?) things said on Twitter and turns them into simple, hilarious illustrations. I mean come on, dog chew toys really should come in the shape of dapper pipes!

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“Someone should make a dog chew in the shape of a pipe so when they are carrying it around they look like dapper gents.”

--Matt Saunders (@rabbitportal) via Twitter

“Friend just alerted me to the fact that an ampersand looks like a guy dragging his butt across the floor & I will NEVER be able to unsee it.”

--Logan Alexander (@loganalexander) via Twitter

“Don’t know a ton about evolution but pretty sure that between eagles and bald eagles we had combover eagles.”

--Byron Daniels (@hoteats) via Twitter

“I always carry a knife, not for protection but in the event I encounter pie.”

--Bryan A. Davis (@thebryandavis) via Twitter

“You’ve officially reached crazy cat lady status when you have a pawprint sticker that says ‘who rescued who?’ on your car.”

--Jessica Grant (@Copy_chic) via Twitter

“How many dates should you wait before you show a girl all your Princess Diana stuff?”

--Joe Wengert (@joewengert) via Twitter retweeted by @rockinanna

“I use Command Z (undo) so much that I subconsciously want to use it in real life situations. That would be so ninja.”

--Adam Senatori (@adamsenatori via Twitter)

“Oh no! What if cats are the hipsters of the animal kingdom?”

--KDN (@kdn13) via Twitter

“Every time we have challah in the house I have to shout Ha! Luh! as if I were hosting Yo! MTV Raps.”

--Amy Kundrat (@modernamy) via Twitter

“Saved a ladybug’s life this morning. What the fuck have you done today?”

--Adam R. Garcia (@adamrgarcia) via Twitter

“Sometimes you just need to let the wookie win.”

--Dan Cassaro (@YoungJerks) via Twitter (and Han Solo via Star Wars)

--Dan Cassaro (@YoungJerks) via Twitter (and Han Solo via Star Wars)

“Gary Busey speaks in Wingdings font.”

--Damien Fahey (@DamienFahey) via Twitter

“Guess my last real date was back in ‘93 when I ate a dozen cupcakes & danced to ‘I’m Every Woman’ on repeat with my cat until we both puked.”

--@Bez via Twitter

“Wondering if planting all the seeds that collect at the bottom of everything bagel bags will yield some kind of delicious plant.”

--Hiller Goodspeed (@hillergoodspeed) via Twitter

“What are you gonna do with all these pixels?”

--Josh Silverman (@joschwa) via Twitter

“I will not correct my daughter when she calls nachos ‘machos’.”

--Sara Jensen (@sarajensen) via Twitter

“Is it still technically a ‘walk of shame’ if I rollerbladed?”

--Julieanne Smolinksi (@BoobsRadley) via Twitter

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