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Halloween Makeup Ideas - The Jackalope

Halloween Idea Inspiration ~ Makeup Art By: Shanice L. Wadell

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The Jackalope

Instagram: @slwcrea8 / Via Instagram: @slwcrea8

Look Created By: Shanice L. Wadell @SLWcrea8

I'll be posting some new looks later today to continue on with the 31 Days of Halloween but in the meantime....It's time to take a trip down memory lane to one of my favorite looks & very first collab piece (Urban Legends) •••// Look how lovable this little critter is... Jackalopes make the perfect pet (said no one) 😈 The Jackalope: * This Jackrabbit / Antelope hybrid has made its appearance in many cultures around the world. Even as far back as the 13th-century, Persian artwork depicts a rabbit with a single unicorn horn. But for my look, I went with the Douglas Herrick look (the hoax creator himself of the Western Frontier Jackalope... Doing masterful taxidermy work of combining a rabbit with some deer antlers... Kids will be kids). The legend goes that Jackalopes are so dangerous, that hunters would need to have the proper protection as to not get their legs ripped apart by the Jackalopes antlers. Also, this vicious critter could imitate human voices, and Cowboys campfire songs to lure in its victims. The only way to capture one is to tempt them with a bottle of whiskey... The Jackalopes drink of choice 🍺* \\•••


Products Used:

• @nyxcosmetics cream liner

• @urbandecaycosmeyics Blackout Eyeshadow

• @stilacosmetics Stay All Day Liquid Liner

• @tartecosmetics Energy Noir

• Home Made Bunny Ears and Horns (Made of: DuctTape + Tin Foil + Wire + Acrylic Paint)

• Cotton Balls + Modelit

• @fxcosplay_ Fab Paints Flesh + Bubblegum

• @mehronmakeup ~ Paradise Body Paints in White + Black + Mehron Liquid Latex

Instagram: @slwcrea8 / Via Instagram: @slwcrea8

A little video action of my Jackalope in the making.

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