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    17 Hidden Gems To Find On Your Next Visit To Taipei

    Find out why Taipei makes a great laid-back vacation on a budget.

    1. Closing Hour At Shida Cafés

    2. Omakase Meals At Tiny Sushi Bars

    3. The Alleys Near Zhongshan MRT Station

    4. Beitou’s Hot Springs

    5. The Live Music Scene

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    Last year, Deserts Xuan’s “To Ebb” concert proved the epic reach local musicians are capable of. Check out to see why Taipei is considered the music capital of the Chinese-speaking world. On top of homegrown talent, so many festivals and international big-name artists now pass through town that it’s hard to keep up.

    6. Nightmarkets Other Than Shilin

    7. East Taipei’s Speakeasy-style Cocktail Bars

    8. Taiwanese Theater and Peking Opera At TaipeiEYE

    9. Jiufen

    10. Addict Aquatic Development

    11. Sunset at Treasure Hill

    12. Old-School Tea Houses

    13. HuaShan 1914 Creative Park

    14. Palatial 24/7 Karaoke Lounges

    15. Ximending’s Red House Square

    16. Yangmingshan National Park

    17. New Years' Eve Near Taipei 101