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Back Pain – Self Help

There are things you can do yourself to help prevent/treat back pain. Ensure work areas such as desks are ergonomically laid out with correct heights for chairs, desks and monitors. Take a break every hour and move around. Use an Inversion Table By far the best investment I have made this year. Basically these allow you to easily hang upside down so that you are suspended by your ankles. Sounds like torture but it is one of the best things you can do for most types of back pain. I first saw these on TV, the claims made about their benefits seemed unrealistic. However, my better half mentioned that she had seen details on a website that included medical reports. A few hours research convinced me that they were worth a try.

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What Is the Main Concern

My main concern regarding trying an inversion table involved the risks of hanging upside down by my ankles. While I could not see that trying it would make my back pain worse I did wonder about the safety of such a device. I even found one report about one manufacturer’s table where the person had said that their table had broken during use and seriously injured the user. The only tables I could find offering any real guarantees regarding strength and safety are those made by a company called Teeter. Their tables actually meet safety specifications for medical equipment and have the CE mark to prove it. They clearly stated the max weight of the person using the table, to be 136Kg and I know that to get the medical equipment certification it has to be able to take around 400% more. I felt confident that there was no way my 80kg could break it! They are more expensive than those commonly available, but there was no way I wanted to risk being dropped on my head just to save some money.

When the table arrived it was a breeze to put it together and very well made. Using the table is a bit strange at first but not unpleasant. And I did have to think a lot about how strong the table was to give me the confidence to invert fully. Not sure I would have been happy on a cheaper table.

Using it when I have a back ache is brilliant, within seconds of inverting the back pain is easing. It’s faster than pain killers, more like having my own personal osteopath! But what is really good, is that I found that spending just a few minutes on it a day seems to be prevent my back pain from re-occurring.

I find it great to take a break from work and just hang upside down for a few minutes; it seems to prevent my back from hurting at all, relaxes me and I feel really revitalised to get on with work. All that for just a few minutes, as I said early one of the best investments I have made this year -, no make that the best investment this decade!

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