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Paid PostMar 3, 2017

12 People Making The Most Out Of This Weird Situation We Call Life

Be extra every day.

1. This guy who knows how to make a gym session go from zero to 100: / Via

Did you watch that five times wondering if you could pull off the spin move thing? Us too! (We definitely couldn't.)

2. And this guy who created the dictionary definition of "styling it out": / Via

*practises The Worm relentlessly*

3. This dedicated snacker who finally found a good use for the treadmill:


This is 100% achievable for everyone.

4. And this exercise obsessive who wasn't about to let some snow get in the way of her swim practice: / Via

Does this make you feel cold? Like, super cold? Same.

5. These thrill-seekers who saw a burst pipe and thought "watersports": / Via

Us Brits just have to take what we can get.

6. This person who passed a slow Saturday by posing as a dinosaur: / Via

"Why you no like me?"

7. This guy who found a unique way to spice up his nine to five: / Via

Anyone else have the feeling he's been preparing for this moment all his life?

8. This co-worker who decided to instill fear in his colleagues:


"Note to self: Never go in the storeroom alone again."

9. This man who proves that the dance floor has no age limit:

Facebook: edgardeleuterio.daza / Via

This is literally giving us wedding dance floor goals.

10. This group who took the "be the ball" advice a bit too literally:


This has opened up a whole host of new possibilities for exercise ball owners.

11. This man who simply put two and two together and came up with four:


This is what really living looks like.

12. And, finally, this person who has just stopped worrying and started to truly embrace life:


Why worry about a little bit of mud?

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