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The Hottest Stud On Instagram Right Meow

STRAY NO MORE, Mr Jingles found a home & a new lady friend, in the form of a black fuzzy bunny rabbit. Mr Jingles & Zeppelin have formed the most purrrrrfect relationship.

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"Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls"

When Zeppelin found out Mr Jingles could fetch, it was over...

"I only have eyes for you, dear" / Via Instagram:

As you can see, things heated up at the Christmas photoshoot...

They lost their close friend just a short time after, and found solace by confiding in each other. RiP KoKo kitty

They get down with their bad selves


It doesn't matter the species, friends come in all shapes & sizes... / Via Instagram:

are they not the CUTEST couple of Instagram?

he is extremely grateful for each & every one!

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