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12 Things Women Say About Losing Weight (And What They Really Mean)

When it comes to dropping a few pounds, it's lady-code to say something nice and acceptable about what motivates you. Not today, sister.

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1. “I want to be toned in all the right places.”

Actually means: “I want to be curvy in two key places.”

2. “I want to feel confident when I walk into any room.”

Actually means: "I want to turn every head in any room!”

3. "I want to fit into my old size!”

Actually means: "I want to ROCK a pair of skinny jeans!”

4. "I want to work on my figure.”

Actually means: “I want to get rid of my muffin top!”

5. "I need to look good on my wedding day!”


"I need to look HOT on my wedding night!”

6. "I want to drop a few pounds!”

Actually means: "I want to make everyone’s jaws drop!"

7. “I want to look good in family photos.”


Actually means: “I want people to ask ‘Wow! Who’s THAT?”

8. “I want to feel good in a swimsuit.”

Actually means: “I want to look HOT in a swimsuit!”

9. “I want to be healthy for my kids.”


Actually means: “I want people to be surprised I’ve had kids.”

10. “I want to look good for girls’ night out!”


Actually means: “I want to be the HOT friend!”

11. “I want to be a size 10!”

Actually means: “I want to BE a 10!”

12. “I want them to hate to see me go.”

Actually means: “But I want them to love to watch me leave!”

So what about you - why do you really want to lose weight?

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