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11 Fast Beauty Tips to Rock Your Look

You’ve got it, now flaunt it! Here are 11 easy tricks to take your look to the next level.

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5. Get more life out of your lipstick with baby powder.

Once you’ve put on your lipstick, brush a little baby powder on your smackers to make the color last longer. Watch out, collars, this color’s here to stay!

6. Flat-iron your braids to get waves.


Treat your tresses to this beautiful new style: first braid your hair, then flat-iron your braids and voila! Say hello - and never goodbye - to beautiful, all-day wavy hair!

7. Lock in those lashes with warm eyelash curlers.

Very quickly run your eyelash curlers under a blow dryer, as the heat will help solidify the curl. Be careful not to burn yourself - eyepatches are never a good look.