11 Fast Beauty Tips to Rock Your Look

You’ve got it, now flaunt it! Here are 11 easy tricks to take your look to the next level.

1. Purr-fect your stare with a cat eye.

Give your eyes that me-owww look the easy way: use clear tape to help get your lines sleek and sexy.

2. Pump up your pucker with spices.

Add a drop of hot sauce or cinnamon oil to your favorite lipstick or gloss. Watch
your lips go from flat to full in seconds!

3. Manage your mane by using dryer sheets on flyaways.

You’ve got your hair styled just the way you want it - now keep it that way! Slick your hair with a dryer sheet to reduce static.

4. Brighten your eyes with white eyeliner.

Using a white eyeliner can help make your pretty peepers pop. Your baby blues, browns or hazels will sparkle even more!

5. Get more life out of your lipstick with baby powder.

Once you’ve put on your lipstick, brush a little baby powder on your smackers to make the color last longer. Watch out, collars, this color’s here to stay!

6. Flat-iron your braids to get waves.

Treat your tresses to this beautiful new style: first braid your hair, then flat-iron your braids and voila! Say hello - and never goodbye - to beautiful, all-day wavy hair!

7. Lock in those lashes with warm eyelash curlers.

Very quickly run your eyelash curlers under a blow dryer, as the heat will help solidify the curl. Be careful not to burn yourself - eyepatches are never a good look.

8. Show off that smile with red lipstick.

Use a shade of red with blue undertones to make teeth appear whiter. Warning: may encourage confidence.

9. Free yourself from frizz with olive oil.

You know everyone is envious of your curls, right? Here’s how to turn up the jealousy. Just add a dime-size drop of olive oil to keep curls curly, not frizzy.

10. Power up your lashes with powder.

Put on mascara, then a quick swoop of baby powder on a cotton swab, then another round of mascara. Call us when you’ve stopped batting your eyes. *swoon*

11. Boost your cheeks with lipstick.

Love your cherry cheeks? Add a dab of lipstick to your fingertips, and then rub the color into the apples of your face. Rosy cheeks, minimal effort. Ta dah!

But don’t forget your best beauty essential: your confidence!

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