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The Top 10 Natural Aphrodisiacs

Not only do these foods look sexy, but they actually have qualities that will get you in the mood. And with the new SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit flavor, your Friday night just got a little more risqué.

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  • 1. Dragon Fruit

  • 2. Chocolate

  • 3. Oysters

  • 4. Goji Berries

  • 5. Caviar

  • 6. Truffles

  • 7. Avocado

  • 8. Figs

  • 9. Asparagus

  • 10. Bananas

    SKYY Infusions® All Natural Dragon Fruit. Vodka infused with Natural Dragon Fruit Flavors. Skyy Spirits, LLC, San Francisco, CA. Please enjoy responsibly.

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