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10 Fun And Exotic Dragon Fruit Cocktails

As SKYY Infusions debuts their new bold, all-natural Dragon Fruit infused vodka, you can only imagine the endless possibilities of mouthwatering cocktails you can create. With a complex blend of savory spice, sweet accents and zest, here are 10 exotic Dragon Fruit creations that will have your mouth tingling in ecstasy.

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  • The Dragon's Cup

  • Green Dragon

  • Puff's Magic

  • Dragon Cooler

  • Dragon's Kiss

  • The Fruit Dragon

  • Dragon Cosmo

  • Tropical Dragon

  • Dragon Lady

  • Legend Of The Dragon

    SKYY Infusions® All Natural Dragon Fruit. Vodka infused with Natural Dragon Fruit Flavors. Skyy Spirits, LLC, San Francisco, CA. Please enjoy responsibly.