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16 University Problems That You Didn't Even Know Existed

Life is HARD for the British teen, you know!

1. It's totally up to YOU if you want to go to lectures or not.

2. How bloody hard it is to carry all of your shopping back without a car.

3. That your university WILL deliberately schedule 9am lectures the day after sports socials.

4. Tasting the vodka in fizzy drinks, forevermore.

5. Legitimate beef over the state of the kitchen.

The state of my uni kitchen is horrific #somuchmess #cantdeal

Being shouted at by your mum is one thing, but you never in a million years thought you'd be the one getting vexed over the washing up.

6. Two words: Harvard. Referencing.

7. Having to look for a house to stave off homelessness.

8. Money not being infinite, but finite. Very finite!

9. How difficult it is to sell one of your kidneys these days.

10. Fancy dress becoming a significant part of your wardrobe.

11. Halls corridors do not double as a football, rugby, or cricket pitch.

Corridor football with the lads, Arsenal vs Liverpool ;)

Unbelievable, Jeff, (that this isn't allowed).

12. Having an entire night out on the budget of a fiver.

13. The halls' fire-alarm-to-actual-fire ratio being startling high.

14. How far printer technology HASN'T come.

It's 2015, it's 8:50am, and you need to print off 38 pages in the next five minutes to make it to your lecture in time.

(Actual ETA: 9:45am)

15. Not feeling £27,000 smarter.

16. Realising that only three days in the year really matter.

All your bills being 12-month contracts when you're only at uni for nine...

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