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13 Signs You're An Emotional Movie Watcher

Movies got you feeling emotions. That's OK — with SKY MOVIES, you can watch from the comfort of your own home, so you can emote all you want!

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1. You get very, very involved in movies.

Always have, always will.

2. You've been known to yell at the screen during horror flicks.



3. Your friends never want to sit near you, for fear of losing their hearing.

"Aaaaaaand I'm deaf."

4. You tend to get pretty excited about things too.

"What!! How?! Yes!! OMG!!"

5. It doesn't take long into a drama for the tears to start.

You don't need something sad to happen. You cry at the anticipation of something sad happening.

6. Nothing can tear you away from the screen, even if there's nothing around to wipe away your tears.


Good cat. Gather those tears.

7. And it's not uncommon for the ~*emotions~* to follow you for several hours.


"Why didn't Leo just get on the lifeboat too? WHYYYYYY!"

8. Anxiety eating is a big thing for you in movies.

You'll easily go through an extra-large popcorn... or two. Can't stop, won't stop.

9. When you have company, you try to keep yourself under control.

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But it's too hard. The tears will come, rain or shine.

10. You're frequently shushed by your friends, who prefer to watch in silence.

Even your dog wants you to shut up. Dog doesn't want to hear about your feelings.

11. When you get angry, you get really angry.

Like, you get real mad when characters make poor choices. They shouldn't have done that.

12. And when someone messes with your on-screen bae?

They'd better watch out. Things are about to get real.

13. Movie watching is just a roller coaster of emotions for you. / Via

And you experience them ALL.

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