12 Creative Ways To Cure Your Workday Boredom

Bored at work? Oof, us too. If you’re still bored after trying these tried-and-true boredom-busting projects, turn to the only true workplace boredom cure - Sky Sports Fantasy Football.

1. Let’s start simple. Perhaps some re-decorating would help?

Derek Martin / Via instagram.com

2. The ol’ party balloon fill-up trick might bring you some joy.

Jake Sutton / Via Flickr: jakesutton
instagram.com / Via Rachel Harpham

3. Find a use for all those unused sticky notes!

bhenak / Via Flickr: bhenak

4. Perhaps putting your origami skills to work could distract you for a bit?

5. Or getting creative with those paper clips could.

Kat Porter / Via instagram.com
Craig Lidbury / Via instagram.com

6. Still yawning? Maybe try heading outside to give your mate’s car a new look.

Matthew / Via instagram.com

7. Pass a few minutes watching your colleague trying to make a phone call from their bread phone.

Masha Greenberg / Via instagram.com

8. Or trying to type up an e-mail from their newly sprouted keyboard.

wetwebwork / Via Flickr: wetwebwork

9. A quick game of bowling would perhaps perk you up?

Lizzie Eyres / Via instagram.com

10. Have a laugh and try spooking your colleagues.

Micky Farmer-Kretschmer / Via instagram.com

11. Really, really spooking them.

Uei Huynh / Via instagram.com

12. And when all else fails: Cage time!

Sarah Rambold / Via instagram.com

If none of these work, don’t despair. Try Sky Sports Fantasy Football, the only true cure for workplace boredom.

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