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13 Horrifying Moments Literally Every Millennial Dreads

Needs: oxygen, water, and food.

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1. When you take your phone into the loo to stream something only to realise it's a dead zone.


2. When you're watching an exciting bit of your favorite show and the router craps out. / Via


3. When you get a "we need to talk" text but you've just gotten on the tube so you can't respond for a full 20 minutes.

Halfpoint / Getty Images

4. When you rush home to stream the season finale only to realize the internet is down.

20th Century Fox Television / Via

5. When you're running late for an interview and you can't email ahead to warn them because you have no service.


6. When you want to check the football scores but you're eating with your in-laws.

Keep it cool. Keep it together.

Keep it cool. Keep it together.

7. When you're trying to buy gig tickets that are going to sell out instantly but you can't manage to connect to the stupid coffee shop network.

8. When you're in a hotel room trying to find a nearby restaurant but the network won't cooperate so you sit on the hotel bed for a full 15 minutes getting even more hungry.

"Sigh. Maybe I should just get room service."
Chris Clinton / Getty Images

"Sigh. Maybe I should just get room service."

9. When you're supposed to meet your friends at a pub but no one is there and you can't check maps to see if you went to the wrong pub.

Guess I'll just stand here being bewildered forever.
Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

Guess I'll just stand here being bewildered forever.

10. When you're boarding a plane and you're trying to load your boarding pass but the airport Wi-Fi is not cooperating.

Gramercy Pictures / Via

11. When you get an "URGENT" email from work but the body of the email won't load. / Via

I'm fired. Probably.

12. When you invite your mates over for a watch party but then you have connectivity issues.


13. And last but not least: when you tell your friends they've got to watch this funny video but then it won't stop buffering.

Entertainment Tonight / Via

"It's hilarious... I promise... Just wait..."

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